Comprised of more than 22,000 members throughout the United States and across the globe, the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) position as one of the leading voices of the public relations profession cannot be understated and is not a status that is taken lightly.
Using that voice, PRSA committed to supporting various, consecutive efforts to repeal the recent New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) decision to extend state lobbying regulations to include aspects of public relations (Advisory Opinion No. 16-01). The PRSA National Board of Directors voted unanimously during PRSA’s February board meeting to support Association intervention on this topic and litigation against JCOPE’s proposed action.
Mark McClennan, APR, 2016 PRSA National Chair and Joseph Truncale, PRSA CEO, since that meeting, worked to build a coalition of venerable public relations organizations and associations to respond to JCOPE’s unprecedented action. Together, PRSA, the PR Council and Arthur W. Page Society represent every facet of the public relations profession within the United States. The chorus of these association’s combined voices provides greater volume that will be more impactful when considered by the court.
Today, in cooperation with Renee Wilson, President of the PR Council and Roger Bolton, President of the Arthur W. Page Society, PRSA has filed a non-party affidavit in support of a suit led by BerlinRosen Public Affairs with the intended goal of encouraging JCOPE to reevaluate and revise or repeal Advisory Opinion No. 16-01. Through the affidavit, PRSA will provide insights regarding the profession as a whole and offer valuable information to the court to assist in its decision-making process regarding the viability and legality of JCOPE’s ruling. The coalition will also draw attention to how JCOPE’s proposed action will adversely affect the free flow of information important to New York State residents.
In the days to come, PRSA will provide additional guidance to its Chapters and Sections outlining actions they can take to support this effort at the local and District levels.
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