It’s game day. Whether you’re breaking out the face paint and extra layers or settling into your favorite spot on the couch, if there’s one thing all fans (begrudging or super) know about football is that it requires a mix of talent, process and strategy to win. Before you choose sides or change the channel, it’s important to recognize that football has a pile of strategies that content marketers should use to help their brand messaging score a touchdown. Here are the ways that communications pros can prepare for a matchup, and don’t worry, no surprise blitzes here!


No “I” in Team

One of the favorite “sports-isms,” this mantra has a place on the field and in your office. Although many people think that the quarterback is the most important player on the team, he’d be crushed without an offensive line and left hanging without a kicker. The same is true for your content marketing team. Once you’ve figured out who makes up your go-to crew, it’s important to build relationships among each department. Empower each team member to take responsibility for certain “plays” in order to achieve results for your brand messaging. There wouldn’t be a hail mary without someone already downfield, so make sure that your team is all on the same page about your goals and how you can use your synergy to come out on top.


Power to the Playbook

Of course, it would be too easy to gather up your players and just send them out to the field to win. There might be a lot of running around, a few miraculous end-zone catches, but at the end of the day, any good coach will tell you that a team is only as good as its playbook. When developing strategies and setting goals for years to come, think about not only what you want your content to look like, but how you want it to perform. Whether that means tracking your results and retiring old plays (forget the Statue of Liberty, too many fumbles) or using that data to determine what a new route will look like (The Fancy ZigZag), it’s important that your team members are consulting and modifying a playbook that works best for your brands and messaging goals. With the right playbook, your team will have the power to confront new challenges and maybe even head off into the Friday night lights a victor.


Have an Unbelievable Halftime Show

Even people who aren’t fans of football can get behind an awesome, all-out halftime show — just think of memorable performances like No.1 ranked  Prince at Super Bowl XLI or Bruno Mars at XLVIII or. One of the reasons people love the halftime show? Video and music, of course! This performance serves as a nice break, literally, from the game and offers fun, visually exciting entertainment. Your content team should be focused on providing a similar experience. Because people are more likely to remember content that makes use of visual elements, it’s important to include these as a part of your game-time strategy. An easy way to do this? Have your team focus on using images, video and even audio to tell your brand’s story. Are there new ways you can draw your audience in? If so, don’t be afraid to use them! After all, this might be the one time during the game that you have their attention.


Kick the Extra Point

The game is down to the wire, so you’ll need to pull out all the stops. In content marketing, you should look for similar ways to make your message count. Don’t be afraid to kick the extra point or “go for two,” sometimes you need to take risks that will drive your message to new audiences and generate new leads. Even if you’re not successful 100 percent of the time, those really big wins for your brand can make the difference of where you end up in the polls at the end of the year.


Feeling football ready? With these tips, your content marketing team will soon be shouting strategies from the sideline, and with moves like these, you might just juke your way to a messaging win.