Mrs. Felicia Blow, APR, is an award-winning leader with extensive organizational, strategic planning, leadership and management experience. She is an active member of PRSA on a national level and as part of the organization’s Hampton Roads, Virginia Chapter. Within PRSA, Mrs. Blow has served in numerous capacities including: Senior Counsel to the 2018 National Board of Directors; chair of the Universal Accreditation Board; Past President of the Hampton Roads Virginia PRSA Chapter; Past Chair of the PRSA Mid-Atlantic District Board; and Past Chair of the National Universal Accreditation Board.

What was your first PR Job? 

Public Information Specialist, Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, IL

What is the part of your job that you enjoy the most? 

I love writing and meeting/engaging with new people. I also love being able to make a difference. While my official job is in development, I feel a big part of what I do every day is pure PUBLIC RELATIONS. Being curious, investigating what makes others tick, and then linking them to opportunities that not only helps them intrinsically, but also supports extrinsically, is a phenomenal feeling!

What would you do if you were could not have a job in the communications field

Law, without question. I love writing. I love learning. And I love to help others. So when I think of the law, that’s one more area in which I could do my part to be a champion for those who need help the most…

Why did you choose to be involved in PRSA National Leadership? 

 PRSA is changing, evolving, expanding its tent, and becoming more nimble. But there are so many areas in which I feel I can contribute to make the organization even stronger – particularly with diverse publics. Another reason? It’s fun and fulfilling. I love doing my part to advance the organization and profession!

What are the most important qualities of a leader?

Integrity. Authenticity. Courage. Vision. Without a full measure of these attributes, one really can’t lead. Of all of these, integrity is key. If I can’t trust you, we can’t have a positive and fulfilling relationship.

What are your thoughts on the future of PR?

BRIGHT! But only if we consistently behave strategically and operate less reactively, emotionally, and in the moment.… We should embrace technology at EVERY TURN. We also must continue to expand our tent embracing diverse audiences to include ethnic, racial, age, gender, and many others in the diversity spectrum. And we have to continue to build excitement for, relevance in, and measurement of what we do.