Jane Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA, is the Owner and President of JKD & Company, INC., in Denver, CO. She has 30 plus years of experience providing integrated communications for business results with energy, creativity and impact. 

What was your first PR job?

I started as the Public Relations Coordinator for the Colorado Heart Association fresh out of college. I was then, like I am now, a 1-person department. I served as the primary spokesperson because our board president had stage fright – who does that at 22?!  It was in this job where I discovered my love for community relations.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

Strategic Planning. I love the creative process that comes into play with strategic planning and messaging. When you bring all the elements together there is dynamic impact for a company – that is always invigorating, inspiring and personally satisfying to have looked at the opportunity/challenge, developed a plan and executed successfully.

If you couldn’t be in communications what would you do?

Voice over for animated films. What a hoot that would be!

Why did you choose to serve as a national leader?


  • I love PRSA.
  • I believe you should invest in and give back to your profession.
  • We all have a duty to mentor future practitioners.
  • I felt I had vision to offer the Society that would have a positive impact.
  • I believe I represent the average practitioner; I mean, I work with a plumber in my basement, sexy PR at its best, eh?!
  • I have been blessed through the relationships, friendships made in PRSA.
  • I wanted to share my passion for this profession with others.
  • Where else could I learn from and work with some of the industry’s best practitioners?
  • Because Donna Jonas said I should!

What is the most important quality of leadership?

Strength and grace. (I know that’s two, but they go hand in hand.) Great leaders inspire others to grander heights than they imagined for themselves. The legacy you leave as a leader is not in what you have accomplished, but the foundation you have left for those who will follow.  I believe great leaders exemplify the traits born of strong character – ethics, integrity, honesty and humor. 

What are your thoughts about the future of PR?

We’ve got a rich history and a bright future. As business comes to recognize the strategic talents we bring to the table, the greater role we will play in organizations. Tides will ebb and flow, but communications will always be needed.