After the new year has come and gone, you might look around and notice things are a little bit… messy. With resolutions and a pile of new goals to accomplish, it’s a good thing that January 14 is "De-clutter Your Desk" Day. And if we’ve learned anything from tidying maven Marie Kondo, it’s that organization can go a long way to help put goals within reach. This year, while you’re cleaning up your workspace, it’s a good idea to start thinking about your communications strategy as a whole to see if there are areas you can streamline or rework. Don't wait to “konmari” your space and your strategy until the spring, start the new year fresh with a simplified plan for success.


Refocus Content

At the end of the year, your content team might have had a lot of loose ends to tie up and projects to finalize. In fact, there might be a video shoot still stuck on a memory card or a blog post in drafts. To make achieving your 2019 content goals a reality, make sure you refocus your team’s creative energy by streamlining process and brainstorming innovative ways to tell your story. This is a great time to revisit the basics. Does a production schedule have too many working parts? Is your team doing everything it can to adopt new technologies? Are there any new trends you can utilize in your storytelling to better communicate your message? Starting the year with a series of questions can be as therapeutic as a trip to The Container Store. By reevaluating what you hope to achieve with your content, you can ensure everything will be folded and ready to “stand on its own” in the new year.


Prioritize Analytics

If you have a “junk drawer” where you shove things so you can deal with them later, it’s time to dump the junk! The same goes for analytics. If you’ve been telling yourself you need to prioritize and set measurable goals, use de-cluttering to get a fresh start. By knowing exactly what you want out of your content — how much engagement on social media you’d like to see, how much national coverage a story has earned — you can better adjust your strategies to respond to challenges and successes. Think about searching for scissors or tape in the junk drawer, sometimes they’re buried so deep you might buy a new pair thinking you don’t have any. Don’t let the same thing happen to your goals. This year, instead of waiting to see where your scissors will turn up or what will happen with your content, prioritize your analytics strategy to give you a vision that will last well into 2019 and beyond.


Spice Up Social

Don’t get caught hoarding your Beanie Babies or your stamp collection! In 2019, your social team should look for new ways to promote content. Using a 2018 meme? That won’t cut it it this year. See if you can push yourself to find innovative ways to spread your story and get people’s attention. This can be as simple as taking the time to audit your social accounts: what has worked for your brand in the past? Where are some areas you can improve? Once you have a handle on your audience and your story, make sure you step up your social game to expand your network and gain new followers. After all, the best stories are the ones that get heard!


Although it seems intimidating to starting the organization process (where did all those business cards come from?) it’s important to de-clutter your content strategy in the new year. By refocusing your energy on process and storytelling,  you’ll be sure to have a message that’s ready for the world, and maybe you’ll even feel a spark of joy while doing it!