As PR pros, being a leader is one of the most important roles we play. PRSA membership affords you the opportunity to gain those leadership skills. 

As National Chair, I traveled the U.S. to Chapters, Districts and Sections in large, small, rural and major urban centers. For all the diversity of those many communities there was a common thread. They were proud of their community and their PR challenges and value were the same. It was energizing to hear their perspectives and aspirations. It was encouraging to see such commitment and it was reassuring to meet so many ambitious, bright students waiting for their chance to impact the profession. As a leader, it was an incredible experience. One I’ll treasure forever and could have gotten nowhere else.

You can too. You just need to take the leap. Here are a few reasons I think it’s a decision you shouldn’t hesitate to make.



Channeling your passion into a vision is one benefit of leadership. You can take that energy and use it productively. The PRSA National board offers a chance to funnel that vision and passion to a higher level and benefit the 21,000+ members across the country. How cool is that? You can use your passion to inspire others in ways that really can’t be counted, but can be felt long into the future. When we focus our passion, we can move ideas, people and organizations forward. PRSA needs passionate, committed leaders.


Lifelong Learner

There are lessons to be learned at every turn, every step along the career journey. PRSA is rich in opportunity for the lifelong learner – not just for the PD offered – for the leadership you can gain. Those skills are some of the most powerful you can bring to the table as a professional. Why not take advantage of that learning opportunity and have an impact, too?  You’ll grow personally and professionally in a PRSA leadership role. You can drive initiatives, develop policy and ensure fiscal and financial responsibility are maintained. You can learn from the industry’s best and make an investment in yourself that pays off the highest return.


Mentor & Student

Leadership allows you to nurture others and yourself. I have gained immeasurably through my experiences in leadership. It’s a chance to mentor others to rise to new heights and to become the student again and learn from the immense knowledge sitting around the table.  PRSA gives you that opportunity through its leadership roles. Embrace that gift to become the mentor and the student. You can take the lessons back to your workplace, community and home.



Being a leader is a challenge, there’s no question about that. It can broaden your understanding. It can change your perspective. It can take you out of your comfort zone. It can test your courage. At some point we are all challenged to take a leadership role. It might be obvious, it might be in the shadows. Whatever the case, others will look to you for guidance, for clarity, for support.  In those times, what kind of legacy will you leave for those that will follow? Leadership in PRSA can hone those skills, can enlighten your view and give you the skillset to rise to the challenge.



Yep, fun. Plain and simple. It’s fun to be with amazing people. It’s fun to see ideas grow and come to life. It’s fun to be a part of something bigger. It’s fun to drive policy and ensure an organization stays on track. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of work done along the way. Don’t be deceived, leadership requires knowing when to hunker down and when to let loose. Sometimes it takes a little fun to get the creative juices flowing so solutions can be found and smart decisions can be made. PRSA, thankfully, has a very collegial board, where work and fun go hand in hand.


If you’ve toyed with the idea, wondered if you have what it takes, this gal will tell you yes!

Is it your time? You’ll never know unless you take the leadership leap.


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