I am director of business development, responsible for non-dues revenue. I developed PRSA's Moving Veteran's Forward Program, which counsels military veterans transitioning back into civilian life and how they can use their experience to pursue a career in public relations. My work includes assessing their resumes, and providing mentoring and career advice. I am also the problem solver at an event, and my colleagues call me the "closer" on partnerships and sponsorships.


How long have you worked for PRSA? 

11 years


What is your background?

I have a Master’s Degree in Marketing Research, and my claim to fame is having a role in the movie “Enchanted”.


Where are you from? 

Born in Rego Park, and now living in Great Neck.

What do you like best about working at PRSA? 

My colleagues in my department are very near and dear to me. I’ve watched their children grow up and we are there for each other in good times and bad. I have a boss who is more like a brother to me; it’s a feeling of family and how we can almost perform business miracles when we pull together. Working with the Conference department and developing new and creative ideas are fun parts of my job.


What advice can you offer members about maximizing the value of their membership? 

Take advantage of both new and archived webinars, they are your best source of learning. Remember that PRSA is with you throughout your entire career. The Jobcenter has amazing resources to help you with your resume, and great advice to remain relevant in your career as the lines between marketing, digital, social media and communications merge together more and more. Engaging with PRSA is key. Attend the International Conference and join a Chapter and Section(s) to learn about new developments within your niche.