Whether you’re proudly rocking your green or looking for a pot of gold at the end of your content calendar by St. Patrick’s Day, you’re probably beginning to realize that creating good content doesn’t happen by luck alone. In fact, creating content that people actually want to see and engage with takes a lot of hard work. Here are some tips to create content that will work for you, no leprechaun trap needed.


Start with Story

It seems simple, but don’t let your content flounder without the backbone of a good story. When thinking about the best ways to approach content creation for your brand, start with choosing stories that you know will have an impact on your audience. What messaging are they most likely to respond to? A blog that pulls at the heartstrings? A video that shares relevant or timely information? It’s okay to be selective during the story development process. Be willing to take risks and speak up when you think a story should be heard and from there, you and your team can develop the most effective way to create and share the message.


Go Gold with Video

We hear it all the time: video is king when it comes to creating content. Videos are all over social platforms and multimedia storytelling generates more leads that are proven to better capture an audience's attention. So where to start? Don’t just cross your fingers and hope that a video will drive people to your message. Make sure you and your team are creating visuals that count: do you need infographics? Would a client like to show off the authenticity of their story with natural sound bites? The look and feel of a video should be top-of-mind when creating the messaging for your brand. By making decisions that follow this mantra, you’ll be able to find the gold at the end of your content rainbow by creating memorable, shareable stories with a distinct voice.


Give Social Media a Kiss

Whether you’re actually Irish or just wishing for a bit of extra cheer during the holiday, it doesn’t hurt to give your social media some love. Instead of hoping content will miraculously go viral, remember to foreground the emotional connection of your story — remember, positioning your message with the goal of grabbing your audience’s attention never hurts. Additionally, don’t overlook the differences in social media channels. Although it seems like some viral content just gets lucky, even the blue/gold dress debate started on Facebook but quickly migrated to Twitter, where user’s short threads could better track and marvel at the difference in responses. By keeping a platform’s inherent features in mind (i.e., character count, video length) you can ensure your content is being seen. 

Collect Clovers with Analytics

Sure, you could spend all day in the field searching for one lucky clover, but using analytics and data to track your story’s success is like hitting the four-leaf gold mine. All good content doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so it’s important to track the story’s results from start to finish, adjusting your plan as you go. This kind of thorough analysis will also make sure that your “good” content wasn’t just a one off. Sure, tracking the lifetime of a story is hard work, but with insights, you’ll be better able to continue to create content that isn’t just lucky, but works hard for you!

This St. Patrick’s Day, take time to think about if your success is really just luck, or if you have a content plan that’s ready to tackle your biggest goals. After some hard work and storytelling analysis, feel free to dance a little jig!