If you’re a communications pro, we know you’re busy setting up media visits, crafting press releases and pitching clients the perfect story. One thing you might be forgetting? Visuals. We live in a visual world. People remember 30 percent of what they read, but 80 percent of what they see. Instead of waiting for your content team to drive the discussion around graphics, you should center media efforts around visual storytelling. Keep reading to see how this tactic can make you a trusted resource for your clients and earn your brands more coverage.

Own the Look of Your Brand

When it comes to the media, PR pros know they play a significant role in establishing a story’s message and earning coverage. The same is true for your own communications brand. Instead of simply relying on personal relationships, you can make sure your brand is top of mind for your media relations by delivering a consistent product, complete with visuals. Something as simple as working with your content team to provide a press release with images and video will prove you understand that today’s stories not only need to be comprehensive, but visual.

Drive Discussion

PR professionals play the unique role of being the first point of contact for the media and the last. Because of this, PR pros should play an equal part in determining the visuals necessary for a story. You can think about the process like this: a communications team knows what media contacts want — maybe a heartwarming story about a life-saving medical device — and that means they also know what their media contacts want to see: shots in the patient’s home, the device in action or even an infographic explaining its use. By taking ownership of these details and driving discussion amongst your team, PR pros can not only be a useful resource for their media contacts, but they can ensure that internal communication and strategy is being driven by client goals.

Create a Newsroom

For PR pros, owning visual storytelling doesn’t stop at driving discussion — it continues well after! At MediaSource, we’ve made it easy for clients and news teams to find and access additional visuals for their story and content specifically made for other channels. Extra bites, b-roll footage, social media videos, photos and captions are all found on our newsroom, a database that houses everything a story needs to be successful and capture an audience’s attention. When PR pros take the time to make these resources readily accessible, they play an important role in the life cycle of visual content: that is, making sure it gets seen. By implementing these practices, your PR team can see a project through from pitch to completion.

Convinced yet that visual storytelling doesn’t just belong to the content team? When communications pros take ownership over visuals, they can better influence a campaign’s results and respond to client goals. In fact, working as a cohesive team will give your stories the boost they need to be seen and shared!