In content marketing we spend a lot of time using social media to get our content seen, and why not? Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are where we share our lives, send our thoughts, and more importantly, communicate our brand message. Having followers is always a brand’s goal on social media, but if you have thousands of followers and no interaction on your posts, what's the point? Let's break down how to build relationships with your followers that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling.


Have a Voice

Having social media is fun because, well, you have the megaphone. But, before you get carried away, remember that messaging on social media isn’t as simple as sharing conversation hearts. No matter how many times you tell your followers “be mine” or try to share your content, you won’t be able to build a true, lasting relationship without them if your voice gets lost in the pack. Knowing when, and more importantly, how you should talk about your content is what will keep your followers coming back. Think about Wendy’s classic roasts or maybe your favorite influencer on Southwest: these brands know how to tell their story and do it in a voice you’ve come to love. To develop an authentic voice, try implementing a similar range of tone options for distinct messaging points you want to share.


Have a Vision

Everyone’s agonized over giving a valentine to a school crush, but the wait to hear a response can be even worse. Instead of accepting radio silence from your followers, make sure that engagement becomes part of your thought leadership. While sharing relevant content is always a key part of any brand strategy, actually having your followers interact with that content is equally important. Try formulating a plan that will give your team the vision to jump on opportunities to connect with your followers. Is there an important holiday coming up (hint hint) that you can tie into your brand’s message? Can you ask your followers to contribute their thoughts to a Twitter chat? Noting short and long term goals can help give your team the chance increase engagement and create new relationships while celebrating the old.


Have Heart

Of course, nothing is more crucial in relationship building than having heart. Instead of pre-packaged chocolates or store-bought notes, consider how you feel when your crush gives you something meaningful or handmade. The same is true for your social media followers. When technology can minimize face-to-face interaction, think about how it can also help you build relationships in new, authentic ways. For example, is it fitting for your brand to share a personal story every once in a while? How can you show that your message is genuine? Maybe you reply to questions promptly on your social media feed, or share your industry-leading tips. Either way, by demonstrating that the heart of your storytelling is also the heart of your social media presence, your social media followers will know that you are a genuine resource who they can trust.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you celebrate with roses or date night with your friends, remember that building relationships on social media doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By turning your followers from a number into a group of devoted, engaged members, your message will get all the love it deserves.