You might have articles, videos or even a schedule of social posts with the latest GIFs, but how do you make sure people are seeing it? In order to make sure your brand’s messaging is landing on the right eyes and ears, having a strategy that makes your content stand out from the crowd is an important step to drive interest and reach goals. Here are some tips from our content experts at MediaSource to help you brush off the content cobwebs and get it spotlight ready!


Prioritize Goals

Just like you individualize each piece of content for a specific audience and specific goals, you should start working on a distinct plan to get eyes on your messaging. A good first step is to approach content with a goals-first strategy.

“I always ask what do we want people to do with this information and can we measure that,” said Kevin Volz, strategy and analytics manager. “A good example is measuring awareness by conducting surveys or seeing if people are visiting your website — that’s a great way to track if people are engaging with your topic.”

By zeroing in on the measurable goals you have for your content, you don’t have to be in the dark about how it’s performing when it makes its way into the world — the results will be in the pudding.


Be Pushy

Since earning coverage and is your goal, make sure you foster relationships with journalists and influencers who can drive attention to your message and help it enter mainstream conversation. Shannon McCormick, our media relations manager, relies on the three Ts when pitching content: targeting, timing and tenacity.

“Targeting means you should make sure you know your targets and influencers and understand what they need to engage their audience,” said McCormick. “You also need to have strategic timing and plan out when you will release the story. You want it to go out the best time for that particular message and the best time for people to view it and engage with it. Of course, getting a story to spread takes tenacity. You really have to stick with it — smart follow up that's very thorough will get you what you want. Just putting it out there and hoping people will pick it up? That’s not going to do it!”

By being prepared to drive your content to the right audience, you can ensure that when it gets there, it will have an impact.


Check in on Your Content

Once your content has left the nest, don’t let it fly solo without checking in on how it’s performing. Here’s where measurement strategies come to the rescue again! Checking in on your goals can help determine whether you need to adjust your plan of action or jump on any new trends.

“Measurement should be done all the time,” said Volz. “Determine what your daily, monthly and yearly data points are so you can break down the results into what you need on a regular basis and what will illuminate big-picture results.”

Although analytic follow-up may not seem as important as blasting Twitter with your brand’s messaging, it will help you determine if your tactics are working before it’s too late.


Start Planning

Planning before and after you’ve made content? You’ve got that right! Instead of letting your hard work and analytic insights go unused, see how you can repurpose that information for your next piece of content. If posting during lunch time was working well for your video about food waste, what information from that data can you use to build, and share, your next project? By relying on the insights you’ve gained from the past, you can pave the way for a your content to be seen in the future.

Now that you know how vital it is to be proactive with the content you make to ensure that it’s seen by the right people, you’ll find you can streamline the process from development to execution and start asking what’s next.